Forever Red- Bath and Body Works


I had never purchased anything in the Forever Red collection and actually didn’t even smell it before I bought it. I had gone in a couple weeks ago just to get some hand soaps and lotion for my mother and Bath and Body Works had one of their usual sales (buy two get one free) and so I decided to just give the Forever Red Golden Sugar Scrub a try because I needed a new body scrub because I was out. The next evening in the shower I tried it out and now I am in love! As you can see in the picture below I am already finished with the first bottle I purchased. I love this scrub! It smells amazing and is very moisturizing! I rarely buy lotion anymore because of a few reasons. The first being that I always get sucked into the sales at Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works and end up buying a ton of lotion, so I don’t need to buy any lotion. Second because I never actually put lotion on! I know sounds crazy, right? But its true! I either forget to put it on after the shower or I just don’t have the time to put lotion on because I am always running late! So now I have a huge bin full of lotion that has never been used :-/

That being said, this scrub makes it so I don’t even feel like I need to put lotion on! It is literally that moisturizing! The other day I ran out of shaving cream in the shower and I used the scrub and then shaved my legs bare! The razor literally just glided over my skin after using this scrub. I know that might sound crazy but it’s true! And before you start thinking, “dang, it must be super greasy” it’s not! After the shower my legs just feel smooth and silky, not greasy at all!



Because I am so in love with the scrub after I ran out I just had to go out and buy more. Right now at Bath and Body Works they are having their semi annual sale and so I went in and bought some more hand soap for my home (i’m obsessed with their handsoap) and because they still had their buy two get one free sale I bought two more scrubs and the fragrance mist. In the picture I have the fragrance mist and only one of the scrubs because the other is in the shower patiently waiting for me!

If you have tried this body scrub or given anything from the Forever Red collection a good whiff, I highly recommend that you do! I’m in love!