Real Techniques Limited Edition Brushes



I saw these at Ulta and I just had to grab them! And since they were on sale for buy one get one half off I also picked up the “core collection” set and gave it to my little sister as part of her Mother’s Day present because she’s been dying to get her hands on some of these brushes.

Unfortunately these brushes just did not live up to the same quality as the other brushes in the collection. They are scratchy and even after washing and conditioning them they were still very hard. They scratch the skin when you use them to apply product, they don’t pick up very much product and they don’t apply the product smoothly and evenly over the skin. Overall these are a fail for me, which is a shame since I like most of the other Real Techniques brushes 😦

Have any of you tried these? I’ll keep trying these to see how I can get them to work but as for now they just do not cut it.

Let me know what you guys think of these LE brushes!