MAC Makeup Haul!


This is my huge MAC makeup haul post that I mentioned on Twitter. Its from the 2 weeks. When the MAC “In Extra Dimension” and “Baking Beauties” collections came out I ran out to the store on each of their release dates and even then some of the stuff I wanted was sold out! But here is what I got from those two shopping trips and my online order 😉

  • MAC  Extra Dimension Eyeshadow- Smokey Muave
  • MAC Eyeshadow- Coppering
  • MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish- Shaping the Future
  • MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish- Definitely Defined
  • MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish- Double Definition
  • MAC Baking Beauties Glitter- Pink
  • MAC Baking Beauties- Pure Decoration
  • MAC Strob Liquid Lotion
  • MAC Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush- 235


I’m still thinking about going back and picking up a few more things (like maybe the other split fibre brush) but I am trying to be good 😉

I think that’s a pretty good amount of haulage! Have any of you picked up anything from the newest MAC collections? What’s your favorite piece?