Don’t Sweat It! Secret Clinical Strength Stress Sweat Review


Why you stressin’?!

HAHA I just had to throw that in there somewhere šŸ˜‰

Anyway, as you can see but the subject of this post. I am reviewing the Secret Clinical Strength Stress Sweat deodorant I received in the Sweetheart VoxBox. I wanted to try it for a couple of weeks to really test it in different situations i.e. working out, normal day to day activities and during a time of great stress (we just bought a house and let me tell you, that was definitely very stressful.)

When I went to try it for the first time I was a little taken back by the smell. In both a good and bad way. The smell is very citrus-y and kind of sweet. I enjoyed the scent but every time I smell citrus in any of my body products I tend not to buy it because at least for me anytime I wear anything with a citrus smell to it it seems to smell like B.O.

I was pleasantly surprised that the smell didn’t turn on me. The scent is pleasing and it lasts all day. I am not sure that stress sweat smells any different than regular sweat, but as for the products’ effectiveness, it definitely worked for me. The scent stayed with me through exercise and normal day to day activities so I will definitely purchase this product when I run out.

*Disclaimer: I received this product free from Influenster for review and have given my honest opinion.