UNII Palette Review

Unii Palettef5

I purchased the UNII palette looking for another option for my de-potted eyeshadows. I posted a picture of it a little while back on my Instagram account. I was so excited about it when I got it in the mail. I of course didn’t realize how small it was so I wont be using it for my professional makeup kit because it just does not hold enough. What I did end up doing with was use it for a complete everyday palette that I can just toss in my purse and have everything I need to touch up during the day or if I am running late, actually do my makeup.

However, after de-potting my eyeshadows, blush and power (my full face essentials) this was the result:


Yes, its true. My eyeshadow and power broke leaving this golden glittery mess you see pictured above. I was so upset! I’m sure many of you can imagine my frustration.

Then I decided to give it another try.


And as you might have guessed…it happened again! I even tried their ‘Not-A-Magnet’ sheet that the palette comes with but this still happened. Basically I am not a happy camper. I’m just glad it wasn’t one of my more expensive shadows. Jeeze. So I cannot give this palette a good review. Have any of you tried the UNII palette? Have you had any success? Do you have some magic trick that I didn’t think of to keep this from happening? Please let me know in the comments below!