Sweetheart VoxBox




I just received the Sweetheart VoxBox full of goodies to try out and review. I am super excited to test them out and see how they work out for me. I wanted to share with you my first impression about the goodies inside.

  • Not Your Mother’s Volumizing Hair Spray: I am not much of a hair spray person. I know it’s weird. I just don’t use it very often. I can’t tell you the last time I bought it. This is partially because I don’t like to put too many products in my hair that can be drying especially since I have very dry curly hair. I am always trying to tame my curls so we will see how this works. I think it will work best when my hair is straight and want to get a little volume in it so its not just stuck straight to my head, which can happen sometimes so we’ll see if this works.
  • Olay fresh effects (va va vivid) powered contour cleansing and shine minimizing cleanser:this is a battery powered facial cleansing brush and comes with they cleanser to use with it as well. At first look the actual device seems really small so I am wondering what it will actually do to my skin once I start using it. I am intrigued however, especially if it can help to clean out my large pores.
  • Secret Clinical Strength stress response: I was so excited to see this! Currently, I am using the Degree Motion Sense deordorant and its been working really well for me but because this one is supposed to protect you from different types of sweat, (including stress which I have a lot about) I am excited to try it.
  • Skinnygirl Daily On-The-Go Bars: I am not a big fan of bars- of any type. Whether they are diet bars or just breakfast granola bars. I feel like they are either awful tasting and inedible or they simply don’t assuage my hunger and I immediately want something with more substance which I think defeats the purpose. We’ll see how this one fares up.

That’s everything that was in the box. I can’t wait to start testing them out and see how they work for me 🙂