OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Collection


Today looking at my nails at work I was literally disgusted. Chipped and misshapen they were a mess! So I decided that I would head over to Ulta right away and fix the situation. I decided to try the new Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection by OPI because the idea of “liquid sand” intrigued me. I couldn’t decided which color I liked best so I opted for the set of mini’s with all four of the “liquid sand” colors. There are other colors in the Mariah Carey collection but I was only interested in the liquid sand colors. Although I did like the color “” but most of the colors weren’t really anything I haven’t seen before.

The nail polishes definitely have a unique texture. They dry to a grity/bumpy texture almost like you were touching sand. Who would have thought? LOL! But what really surprised me was that the polish dries so quickly. You would have thought that they were fast dry nail polishes. I put one coat and by the time I had finished painting one hand most of the previous nails were already dry. After one coat I was pretty satistfied with the color pay off but still opted for two coats to really get intense color.


Does anyone else think that Mariah’s pose on the packaging is a little awkward? I can’t tell if she’s turning or just looking to the side. Is she coming or going? And what did she do to her arm? It looks like she spraned it or something and is holding it so she doesn’t aggravate it any more! HAHAHA, anyway enough of that 😉



Here’s a photo of what I did to cure my horrible nail situation. One photo is with flash and the other with natural light. I used the pink color called, “The impossible” and the purple color called, “Can’t let go.”


What do you think of the collection? Pink and purple are my favorite colors so I had to try those two first.  can’t wait to try the rest! Maybe I’ll give myself a pedicure later to try the other two 😉