Breige has some great ideas for your survival kit. Check them out here!

Beauty and the Best of the Rest

ASOS Metal Tip Satchel £28 from

We girls carry our essentials around in our handbags – mobile phones, keys and purse/cash can always be found in there but what about the other things that should always be found in there?  Well I’m going to make myself a handbag survival kit. Here is what it will include :

 1. 2 plasters – handy for cuts  but also great for the back of your heels if your shoes are rubbing you the wrong way.

2. Tissues – don’t get caught short with a runny nose or when there is no toilet paper in the ladies bathroom. Plus, I’ve learned (a bit to my annoyance really) that the men in my life expect me to have tissues about my person, both my Dad and my boyfriend have been stunned when they couldn’t rely on me for a tissue – apparently that’s what handbags…

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