More coconut oil please!


Coconut Oil!

I love coconut oil! Seriously can’t live without it! I really never used to give it a second thought. I have always use the coconut oil you can get at the beauty supply store on my hair but never thought of where else to use it, but then I got to thinking, why am I using this thick gunk instead of the real thing? And that’s when I fell in love and decided I would incorporate into my beauty routine from now on. I also used it when I was nursing my son, you’ll see why below.

Here are some ways you too can use coconut oil in your health and beauty routine and how I do as well!

  •  Dab a little under the eyes as an eye cream! Coconut oil is full of antioxidants so give those peepers a little dose!
  •  A shiny and frizz free hair! Use it instead of gel or pomade to keep those flyways down. You can also use it to condition and repair damaged hair by rubbing coconut oil onto your ends (or throughout the hair if you really need it) of your hair daily.
  • As part of a hair mask to repair and moisturize hair and scalp. I like to add it to a little bit of olive oil to help it spread and then apply it liberally to my hair and scalp. But you can mix your own hair healthy mix! I leave it on overnight then wash out in the morning.
  • Combine with sugar to create an exfoliating scrub. Soft and smooth skin here I come! You can also add some essential oils to the mix for a more luxurious scrub. 
  • Of course most people know you can use it for cooking, so why aren’t you?! As I have made it part of my New Year’s resolution to eat healthy I have started using it in my cooking instead of conventional oils like canola or vegetable oil. It has a high smoke point so its great for just about everything from baking to frying!
  • Replace your shaving cream for coconut oil. Great for people with sensitive skin, like me!
  • Most people have probably heard of using baking soda as an all-natural toothpaste before. Mixing it with coconut oil will provide that creamy texture making it easier for it to glide across your teeth and seem more “toothpaste like.” Homemade toothpaste without the chemicals of traditional toothpastes? Awesome! 
  • Combat dry skin. I have very dry skin so I like to apply this to my arms and legs at night before bed. Also you can apply coconut oil straight from the jar to your skin after the shower so moisturize those freshly shaven legs 😉
  • Nursing: I used it everyday, several times a day while I was nursing my son. It has antibacterial properties and is moisturizing so not only did it help after I had nursed my son, it helped to lubricate my nipples when I was pumping when I went back to work. Best “nipple cream” ever! Plus it was safe for the baby as well 🙂

How amazing is coconut oil! Makes you just want to bath in it doesn’t it? HAHA! I buy my coconut oil from Whole Foods but there are many places that sell it as well. Do you use natural coconut oil? What’s your favorite way?