Romantic Beauty Blogger Tag


This tag was started by Tianna over at Storybook Apothecary. So check out her original post here. I also saw that Breige over at Beauty and the Best of the Rest did the tag as well and decided to do it myself. You can check out her post here.

So here it goes!

1.What is your favorite romance film and why? 

Does Dirty Dancing count? HAHAHA! I just love that movie! Dance, music, forbidden love? Hmm I think YES! Nobody puts baby in the corner!! Or maybe Pride and Prejudice (2005 Version) I have watched that movie too many times to count and I still love it. Or how about Beauty and the Beast? HAHAHA yeah, its a cartoon but I adore that movie and could probably recite it word for word. I’ve probably said it before but really, who doesn’t love a smart woman, who gets the prince in the end?!

2. Which character from a film or book is your ideal romantic character and why? 

Dang, this one is hard. I read so much and I feel like I can relate to so many characters! I think I have literally read more than 10 book sin the last two weeks. I don’t really watch TV in my spare time although there are some shows that are my guilty pleasure so thank goodness for Netflix because then I can catch up on them when I’ve finished my book. 🙂 May be I will go with Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, you’ll see why below.

3.Your ideal love life in a song – go! 

There are just too many! I feel like I have one for every mood I am in and every situation in life. So it would depend on what is happening at that time in my life. Maybe right now…”Pretty Wings” by Maxwell. No particular significance to this one but I’ve been having it on repeat lately. I just love his voice! So, don’t read too much into it hahaha 😉

To watch the video click below:

Maxwell- Pretty Wings

4. Song that makes you cry your eyes out for seemingly no reason at all – 

There are a few. But since the holidays have just passed I am going to go with a Christmas song. Every time I hear “Christmas Shoes” by NewSong I immediately start singing and crying. For the most part I try to avoid it at all costs but occasionally it will come on the radio during the holidays and it gets me. Ill be crying as I am driving down the road. Its a little ridiculous lol.

5. Film guaranteed to make you cry every time… 

I am such a girl and all sorts of movies make me cry. I try and hide it but its true. Maybe P.S. I Love You or 50 First Dates.

6. What is your favorite color for romantic makeup looks?

When I think of romantic makeup I think of pink, which I feel is a given for most women I know at least. But I also think of red. Sexy and feminine. You can never go wrong with a sexy red lip.

7. Favorite hair style for a soft, romantic look?

Although I am terrible at hair. I just don’t have the patience for it (at least on myself) I think my favorite hairstyle for a romantic look would be something partially pulled up with some soft curls, slightly pulled off the face for that shy look 😉

8.Which female heroine do you most identify with, either from a book or movie? 

Hmmm, maybe I’ll pick a movie for this one, but which? Hmmm how about The King and I (1956). I love that movie. Anna is smart, well read, passionate, caring and emotional (I am totally emotional). I could watch that movie over and over again.

9.Your ideal romance life exists in which time period?

I think great love can happen in anytime period. Whether in the here and now or even the Victorian era. As long as there is love and passion you can be swept up in anytime and any place.

10. What are you wearing in this hypothetical romance? 

A long flowy gown, something that is modest but still shows your femininity. It would be to revealing. I think the sex appeal would come from the confidence of the woman instead of how much skin she is showing.

I tag everyone who wants to participate in this tag!