New Year’s Resolutions


I was thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. And I know for a lot of people this year their resolution will be to loose weight and I will be one of them. It was the same resolution I had for 2012. I wanted to loose the weight I gained during pregnant and a little bit more. But I never really had a specific number in mind.

This year being that I will have the same resolution as last year, I know how much more I want to loose and by having a specific number in mind will help me to loose the rest of the weight I lost. Loosing weight takes time and in 2012 I lost about 35 pounds (although I haven’t been on the scales for the last two weeks so Christmas goodies may have gotten to me lol).

So here’s to the new year!

Do any of you have the same resolution? What are yours for the coming year if not?