Makeup for Glasses

I recently became the owner of my very own pair of glasses (first pair ever) and thought I would share some makeup tips for women who have glasses (since I’ve joined the club!)


This is a must! Define and frame those pretty peepers that the galsses are blocking. Smudge for a smokey look day or night

Dramatic Eyeliner…YES! Have fun with it! I love doing a slightly winged liner for that cat eye effect, plus it makes me feel a little more sassy with my glasses on.

Eyes looking a little tired? Add a little bit of white or cream colored eyeliner to your water line to help open up those peepers.


For the most part you can wear anything, but I advise to stay away from the cooler toned shadows because they can emphasize any dark circles that may be amplified by wearing glasses. They can also cast dark shadows onto the eyes. Want to wear cool tone shadows? Try a pop of color to brighten up your eye look. Hot pink maybe? Why not!?


Keep them groomed for a polished look. This is more important when you are wearing glasses because they are the first thing that is noticed when wearing glasses. Its like underlining a word in a paragraph for more significance.


Emphasis your lips can pull the look together and draw attention away from your eyes since the glasses are blocking them. Fall is great for this. Grab your favorite red, burgundy or even oxblood color lipstick/gloss and put on your glasses for that sexy secretary look 😉

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen these already but I thought I’d share them here as well 🙂

Here are my new goggles!