The Weekend

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How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty crazy!

I cooked up a storm since hubby said with was pretty much up to me this year. I think it turned out pretty well I’d I do say so myself 😉


My mother and I went out shopping for Black Friday and I think I am still recovering. We weren’t out for big ticket items just to pick up a few things on our holiday shopping lists. My poor little sister works retail and started work at Midnight! Isn’t that crazy?! At least she was able to enjoy most of Thanksgiving with all of us. We went to visit her store and it was a mad house! But we brought her Starbucks to help her get through the night. The only good thing she said was that by the time she was off work it was 5 am and a new round of sales were starting for most stores and there weren’t as many lines so she was able to pick up a few things before she went home.
I am so excited for this Christmas because it will be the first Christmas my son will be able to really enjoy opening presents and playing with the toys on Christmas morning. Now to decorate and child proof all of my holiday decor!

Are any of you perusing the Cyber Monday sales? If you like Stila Cosmetics go and check out their site because they are having a warehouse sale and many things are just $5! How awesome is that?