Thanksgiving Preparations…


Its almost here, Thanksgiving! I am so thankful this year, I have no words. My son/family gives me the greatest joy I have ever known and am eternally great full to have been blessed with them.

That being said, my family and I have been running around like mad to prepare for the holiday. My husband who is a chef has been cooking away all week preparing traditional Thanksgiving holiday food. Most of which he will be delivering to those in need on Thanksgiving day. Which leaves me to do all of the cooking for our family. Not to say that I am a bad cook, its just I’m so used to hubby cooking all the time! SO, he says its all up to me this year! We will be having at least ten people at my home so I will definitely be cooking up a storm.

But what to cook? Hmmm, I must come up with a menu! I was going to buy some things at lunch today but instead I spent some time at Toys R Us. I bought a couple of toys for the family my office has adopted to help with the holidays this year. I’ll probaly pick up a couple more things on the dreaded and highly anticipated “Black Friday” if I survive! HAHA!

I also picked up a few things at Walgreen’s. I couldn’t help it! I grabbed some of my first Milani products. I never tried anything from Milani but have been hearing great things from friends and fellow bloggers so I decided to pick something up. Here’s what I grabbed:


  1. Milani Baked Eyeshadow in I Heart You
  2. Milani Glitzy Glamour Gloss in 06 All About me
  3. Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Nail Color in Lava
  4. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in 470 Unbreakable Heart

I’m guessing I really like red? Lol! I recently was debating on whether or not to keep my hair red or to change it up again. I’ve been red (or some variation of red) since July, but I decided I really like it and have been thinking about what I want to wear over the holidays. I recently purchased and bronze-y rose gold sweater and thought a cranberry makeup look would go great with it so when I saw the Milani colors I had to grab them! I can’t wait to try them all out! And what look is complete without an awesome mani?!

Now, I know what I am wearing, but what am I cooking ?!?! HAHAH!