Currently Coveting: Fall/Holiday Edition

I have said it before but I am not big on fall weather…especially the snow. I just don’t like the cold very much. That being said there are some things that I love about fall. Like the leaves changing (so beautiful). Who can forget the awesome gift sets that come out for the holidays! I’m making my list now and bringing it with me to the store next time I go out!

Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection $59 @ Sephora

This collection is actually at both Sephora and Ulta but that does not mean they are the same! At Sephora you actually get two additional mini palettes. One for the lips/cheeks and one cream eye liner palette. As for the eyeshadows in each set they look to be similar but not the same so I will have to check them both out in person to make my final decision. I don’t much care for lip/cheek products in palettes but because they are separate in this collection that makes me want to give it a chance.

Many of my friends know I love Disney. So when I saw this I just knew I had to go and check it out. Although Cinderella is not my personal favorite princess, this collection just looks too cute to pass up up!

So This Is Love… $58 @ Sephora

Hey its Cinderella, it’s Disney so I have to at least give it a smell! I imagine it will be kind of sweet and young smelling (if that makes sense), which I don’t particularly like in a fragrance. But I still have to smell it for myself!

Cinderella Collection Storylook Eyeshadow $55 @ Sephora

This is the cutest thing ever! I don’t know well the shadows are going to be but I figure since it is also Disney, if I don’t like it I can definitely give it to my little cousin. She’s about to hit her teen years so I’m sure she’d love it too!

Carried Away Collector’s Set $54 @Sephora

I haven’t tried many Tarte products so I think this would be a good way to get a little taste of everything! This one is definitely going on my Christmas list 😉

The last thing on my list isn’t an actual item but a color- cobalt blue. I love love this color! Its bright and sophisticated. Every time I go to the store I gravitate toward anything in this color. Which is saying something since most of my wardrobe is black! The down side though is sometimes, depending on the piece, it totally clashes with my hair. I tried on a blazer last week and since I’ve now lost most of my summer glow it totally made me think-red, white and blue! Not saying that I’m not patriotic but I don’t necessarily want to walk around looking like the American flag lol!

What are some things you can’t wait to get your hands on? Are any of them going on your holiday wish list?