Sneakpeeq fail!

So just a little rant. If you have followed my blog for a little while you will know from a previous post that I had discovered Sneakpeeq and was super excited about it. It makes shopping fun (well more fun, who doesn’t love shopping?) and interactive. However when I placed my order at the beginning of August I didn’t think that it would be practically October and STILL not receive my order! What makes it worse is that they didn’t tell me my order was delayed. I had to send two emails regarding my order before I they finally apologized for my order being delayed. The next day they sent me what seemed to be a system generated email message apologizing again for the delay containing a “badge” for $10 off my next purchase. Which I guess is nice but really after this there would have to be a reallllllllly good deal that I wouldn’t want to pass up for me to order anything again AND something that I would be willing to wait forever for as well.

Have any of you ordered from Sneakpeeq? Have you had any shipping troubles?