Mommy Motivation

Being a new mom it is sometimes hard to put yourself first. You have this new little bundle of joy who relies on you for everything, how can you think of yourself!? And then when you do you sometimes then feel the wave of guilt, as I like to call it. That guilty feeling when you think about yourself and feel like you are being selfish. But really, if mommy is happy isn’t everyone else a little bit happier? If mom is adopting healthy habits isn’t the whole family going to be a little bit healthier? And then when something doesn’t seem to go as planned or your toddler who is just learning to walk trips over their own little feet, you feel like you’ve failed. I know I have gone through these things and more. Have any of you gone through this?

Check out this link to an article that I think can help mommy’s everywhere when it comes to these things. New resolutions to live by!