Estée Lauder Vivid Shine Pure Color Collection

Hi all!

I’m sure many of you have either seen or heard of Estée Lauders’ newest color collection. If you follow my blog you can see I talked about the lipstick luminizers that are part of the collection. I had seen the ad campaign images online about the rest of the collection but to be honest they didn’t really peak my interest.

Today one of my friends/new mom/old co-worker who is a beauty advisor at the Estée Lauder counter I used to work for told me that they were pre-selling for their upcoming gift and told me to come check out some of their new products.

I went in thinking that I would probably get one of the new luminizers and then go from there. All that excitement over the luminizers and…wah wah wah I wasn’t too impressed. The two lighter colors, foil and pearl were just ok. They looked like products I’ve seen before and products I actually already own. The black or gunmetal color I tried on and it was just horrific. Very dry and tacky feeling not to mention the color!! It’s supposed to transform lipstick and no matter what color lipstick I put it over it haut made the color worse! I even tried it alone thinking that maybe with my natural lip color it would be nicer, but no. Definitely not. ¡No bueno!

As for the rest of the collection, that is what transformed my experience today. If you follow me in Instagram, you’ll know that it was love at first sight! I loved every single color (except that gunmetal luminizer). Much better in person that in pictures, especially since I’m not much of a fan of the makeup look done on the model which I’ve posted here.

I ended up ordering two eyeshadows, one lipstick, and mascara.

Here are the colors I got (swatches below):

Pure Color Vivid Shine Gelée Powder Eyeshadow in Arctic Sky and Cyber Lilac

Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Mauve struck

Sumptuous Extreme in Extreme Black

I spent a total of $98 USD before tax. I can’t wait to pick them up on Sunday with my gift with purchase!

Have any of you tried anything from the PC Vivid Shine collection? If so which colors do you have? I haven’t even used mine yet and I already want more! Lol!