DIY: Caviar Manicure!

I was sitting at my desk yesterday and was just staring at my nails and decided that as soon as my hubby got home he was going to watch the baby for a little while so I could do as little something different my finger tips. Earlier in the day I had gone to one of my favorite stores, Michael’s, which is a craft store and bought a few things to add to my makeup kit. A few storage cases that I thought would work great to organize my pencils (lip pencils, eye pencils, eyeshadow pencils, etc.) and a couple craft items that I thought might work well for some makeup looks I’ve been thinking about. One of them was a container of bronze microbeads and I thought, hey why don’t I do my own caviar manicure with these?!

What will you need?

  • A bowl
  • Nail polish base coat
  • Nail polish color (in your chosen color)
  • Nail polish top coat
  • Microbeads (in your chosen color)



Here’s what I did:

  1. After filing and buffing my nails I first added a base coat to each nail. For this manicure I used the base coat from Sinful Colors.
  2. Then I painted each nail with one coat of nail polish. The color I used is Went N’ Wild Wet Cement.
  3. After letting this coat dry for a minute I went on to the next coat and while the nail polish is still wet, I held each nail over the bowl (remember that from the supply list above?) and slowly poured the microbeads onto the nail. The beads stick onto the nail quickly, so you don’t have to worry about placing each bead .
  4. Once you’ve covered the nail add a little bit of top coat to the tip/edges of the nail to help give microbeads there a little more to hold onto. I didn’t add the microbeads to each nail so I also added top coat to the rest of my nails to help keep my polish from chipping.
  5. Done! Let dry and enjoy your manicure!









Psst… remember that bowl that I used to catch the bead in while I poured them onto my nails? Well, now you just pour them back into the container and save them for next time!

Wasn’t that easy? And I must say that spending $3.99 (plus tax) on my container of microbeads was a LOT more affordable that buying the Ciaté caviar manicure set I’ve seen at Sephora plus I get more product for my money and more color choices as well!