OPI Germany Fall Collection

I am so excited for this collection! I am not a big fan of the fall season or winter for that matter. I don’t like the cold, which is funny since where I live it snows throughout the fall and winter season and sometimes even into the spring! But what I do like about the fall are the fall colors! My favorite color is purple and every fall I find some amazing purple/burgandy shades that I love so that is always exciting. Nail polish is no different! The OPI Germany Fall Collection has just what the doctor ordered when it comes to fall nail colors! Can you guess which ones are my favorite?

Here are all of the colors:

  • Don’t Talk Back To Me
  • Schnapps Out Of IT
  • Deutsch You Want Me Baby
  • Danke-Shiney Red
  • German-icure By OPI
  • Suzi & The & düsseldorfs
  • Every Month is Oktoberfest
  • Unfor-greta-bly Blue
  • Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine
  • Berlin Done That
  • My Very First Knockwurst
  • Don’t Pretzel My Buttons