Makeup Case/Kit

I swear as a makeup artist you are forever looking for new and more efficient ways to store your makeup at home and away. For years I have used a large silver train case for when I went on jobs and honestly it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Though it was very big and would fit all of the makeup I wanted to take with me to photoshoots or weddings or whatever the case may be, it was always a challenge to organize it. And sometimes depending on what I decided to pack for the job/gig it could potentially be very heavy. Finally over the weekend one of the sides of the interior drawers broke and even though I could probably fix it easily with a little DIY magic I decided it was time for a change. I began looking online for different storage options and I had pretty much decided on investing in a Züca bag. It is pretty amazing from what I’ve seen from reviews an looking at product photos, just what the organization obsessed MUA ordered, but at the same time it is a little pricey.
Then I went to Michael’s yesterday (ones of my favorite stores) to look for a few storage boxes and get a few new items for the scrapbook I’m making for my son and walking down the scrapbook storage isle I found this:





It is a scrapbook storage case, but when I saw it I thought it had more potential than that. I saw my new makeup case. The great thing was that it was on sale for 40% percent off! It has wheels, sturdy sides, is light weight, has a few pockets to store miscellaneous items and in my opinion, cute! Originally $69.99 USD, I paid only $41.99 after the sale discount and before taxes! Definitely a steal! I still may one day invest in a Züca bag but for now this is perfect!
I also picked up the storage boxes I was originally looking for and I’m going to use it to organize my makeup inside my kit.

This is my old train case.