What’s in my gym bag

I thought I’d share with you “what’s in my gym bag” today. These are the things that I always leave in my bag for when I go to work out, that way I can just grab and go! I have an old black gym bag that I purchased from Walmart I don’t know how long ago, so I am also thinking about upgrading it. Any suggestions?

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Reusable Water bottle- Water! Must stay hydrated!

2. Flip Flops- I take these to use in the shower. You never know what can lurk on those gym shower floors. No matter how clean they may seem to be!

3.Towel- for after the shower of course!

4.iPod- Music is a must have for me. Since I have an iPhone for my music on the go. I use my old iPod for the gym and just leave it in the bag so I know I always have it (i’m a little forgetful).

5. Toiletries- Things like Shampoo and Conditioner for the shower as well as deodorant to keep you fresh after a hard workout. And since I have a ton of hair I also bring hair products and a brush. I use a refillable travel container set that I bought at the grocery store that way I reuse them and not spend a small fortune buying trial/travel sizes of all the products I use.

6. Pedometer- I actually have a Fitbit that my husband bought for me for a Mother’s Day present (definitely better than a vacuum!) Its a handy little device. It not only tracks your steps, but calories burned, flights climbed and a whole host of other things! You can even wear it at night to track how well you are sleeping by seeing how many times a night your sleep is disturbed. How cool is that? You can check it out here: http://www.fitbit.com/

7. And last but not least- Clothes! You don’t want to walk around in sweaty clothes do you? This is one is sort of a no brainer but still it’s in there!

At any given time depending on what workout I am about to endeavor to complete there may be other things in my gym bag that are specific to the workout, but these are the things I always take with me. What’s in your gym bag? Any ideas as to what I should add next?