Enter the Phoenix!

Enter the Phoenix! That is what I have so lovingly named my new hair color. I went to my stylist and good friend Ashley because I was looking for a change. When I comes to hair I am definitely not afraid to try something different. At first I wanted red, then i thought I wanted purple and then decided to that maybe a little bit of blonde would be fun too. Then I decided that I wanted to do them all to create an ombré effect and this is what we came up with! We left the bottom portion of my hair black to add more depth. What do you think? So far I’m loving it! Way different from my black hair that is to say the least! I’m not exactly sure what color she used for the red but let me tell you- it was amazing! Since I have naturally dark hair in order to get bright color like this you traditionally need to lighten the hair in some way before applying color. With the color she used it lifted right away! No need to bleach and further damage the hair! I will have to ask her exactly what it was so I can tell you all about it in a future post because it was quite radical. She said it was a new product she wanted to try on me, so at first I had no confidence in it. But as you can see it really does work.

Here it is wet, air dried and straightened. I tried to show just how many colors are actually in it! :-p

What do you all think of the new color?