Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Estée Lauder Vivid Shine Pure Color Collection

Hi all! I’m sure many of you have either seen or heard of Estée Lauders’ newest color collection. If you follow my blog you can see I talked about the lipstick luminizers that… Continue reading


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Blog look

OK so I kind of get bored easily so if you see a whole bunch of changes to the look of my blog today, that is why. Hey I’m a Gemini so one side is… Continue reading

DIY: Caviar Manicure!

I was sitting at my desk yesterday and was just staring at my nails and decided that as soon as my hubby got home he was going to watch the baby for a… Continue reading

In My Purse!

OK, so on Wednesday on Facebook I noticed that Birch Box was doing a little poll/giveaway on Instagram, which immediately caught my attention. Instagram is like my phone crack, I just love it!… Continue reading

NOTD! Baby claws

Hey all! I decided that I would finally cave in and get my own set of claws! Lol as I so lovingly like to call them. I have been seeing the pointed manicure… Continue reading

Country Chic

Hey all! I thought I’d share some photos from a recent photoshoot where I was the MUA. This one had me climbing into the back woods to an abandoned barn! Photographer: Mark DeFabry… Continue reading

Estée Lauder Pure Color Luminzers

I saw these posted today on the Estée Lauder Facebook page. I live Estée Lauder and it seems like they are doing some great things with color! These lipstick luminizers look so cool!… Continue reading

Loosing the baby weight

It seems like an ongoing struggle to loose the baby weight I gained during my first pregnancy. That being said, weight loss takes a time and I truly believe it is the journey… Continue reading


Have any of you ever heard of I discovered this the other day and thought that I would share this great site with you all! I know there are a plethora of different shopping/discount… Continue reading