What’s my body type?

In looking around for tips to starting my workout routine I found this awesome body shape and type test from YouBeauty.com. It is a series of nine questions that include your measurements and lifestyle questions to determine whether you are a endomorph, and then gives you tips for exercising and styling your body type. Have any of you ever tried gearing your workouts to your specific body type? Did it work for you? I think it will integrate these tips into my routine personally and see what happens! I took the quiz and here is my result:

Your body shape is triangle. Your body type is endomorph.

TriangleIllustration by Scotty Reifsnyder
Your Shape
Classically feminine, with shapely legs, a whittled waist, and a curvy bum.
Your Health
Triangles have higher levels of estrogen, which signals fertility. Wider hips may protect from heart disease and boost the chances of living longer. With your body shape, obesity increases your risk for memory loss and mental decline; staying trim as you age is important.Take our Body Health Quiz.
Your Beauty
Humans are hard-wired to find your figure attractive, from way back in caveman times. A triangle body shape, which stores fat in the hips and thighs, suggests that you can maintain a pregnancy and produce healthy children.Learn about body shape and attraction.
Fashion Tip: Top It Off
Your chest and shoulders are the smallest part of your body, so create balance and proportion by adding a little volume to your upper half. This summer, try a boat-neck shirt with horizontal stripes, or a wide scoop neck in bright jewel tones. On chilly evenings, go for a cropped jacket that stops at the waist, or a cardigan with three-quarter sleeves.
Try the quiz out for yourself and see if it helps!