Best Workouts for Your Body Type and Shape

This is a continuation of my previous post and these are definitely some great tips! I am getting more and more excited to workout! This goes out to all my triangle endomorphs out there! Let’s go!

Exercises for Triangle Body Shapes

Curvy on the bottom with a small waist and upper body, you’ve got a classic womanly silhouette.

Best cardio routine: Walking, jogging, cycling or the elliptical machine are the go-to cardio workouts for Triangle body shapes, according to Bailey, who recommends working up to 45 minutes of cardio five to six days per week. “Lower impact exercises are good because there is decreased pressure on the knee, hip and ankle joints, which may be weaker since there is more weight in those areas,” says Bailey.

Best strength-training routine: Although it’s important to do some lower-body exercises like squats and calf raises, Triangle shapes should emphasize upper body training in order to build these muscles and balance out a, ahem, more generous lower half. Bailey’s plan: Using a moderate to heavy weight, do three sets of 10 to 15 reps of each of these exercises: dumbbell bicep curls, overhead triceps extensions, dumbbell shoulder presses and chest presses. As you progress, Avellino recommends increasing the weights in the upper body program while reducing the number of reps. “This will build upper body size to re-proportion the hips and achieve a more symmetrical look,” she says.

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