Monthly Archive: June, 2012

New Name…TCC

Hey all, You might have noticed that I have changed the name of my blog. I decided that my old blog name (MyNOsodailyramblings) just didn’t fit. When I first started this blog I… Continue reading

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

At the store today I walked by the beauty section (ok actually the beauty/cosmetics section in any store has some weird magnetic pull on me and I can’t help taking a glance) and… Continue reading

Save my manicure!!

So you’ve just given yourself an awesome mani and the next day what happens? You totally have a chipped nail! The horror! So what do you do about it now? Some of you… Continue reading


I totally forgot I had this color! I think it’s the perfect summer orange! I also picked up a new nail polish dotting tool at Sephora today do I thought I’d give that… Continue reading


We my friends, family and I decided to take the little munchkin to his first rodeo. It was so much fun! He was trying to grab everything in sight and was giggling every… Continue reading

BH Cosmetics

  Lately I’ve been seen quite a few things floating around out there in cyber space about BH Cosmetics. Granted I had heard of them previously but it seems that as of late… Continue reading

NOTD! Nails Of The Day…

Today I finally got the little munchkin to bed at some what a decent time so I decided to paint my nails. Not only because I was tired of looking at the chipped… Continue reading

On a move!

A short video of my little man. He’s learning to walk and doing such a great job! It all seems to be happening too fast! He’ll be 1 year old before I know… Continue reading

After workout stretch

Getting in a little stretch… (Taken with Instagram) (Source:

Summer time fun

Sitting poolside with my main man!!! (Taken with Instagram) (Source: