Coastal Scents Makeup Brushes- The Application Test

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this, but I have been really sick lately. However. now I can give a more acurate review of the brushes because since I purchased my brush set my little sister also decided to buy some of their brushes as well and I can now compare them as well! As you know I purchased the 22-piece set, the pink travel set and two crease bleding brushes and my sister bought the 12-piece brush set. I can honestly say there is quite a difference between them all so here is goes.

22 Piece Brush Set

22-piece brush set

At first glance I though, whoa! what an amazing deal! But like I said in my previous post one of the brushes was already broken when I opened the brush roll 😦 I contacted Coastal Scents and they said they would send me out a new one free of charge but I have yet to recieve it 😦

As for the rest of the brushes they are quite light, which is my opinion makes them feel a little more cheap, as in less sturdy, questionable construction. But when I put them to use, I decided this can be ignored because fortunately most of the brushes work pretty well in actually applying makeup versus just wiping away makeup which can be the case with cheaper makeup brushes.

Metallic Pink Brush Roll

Pink Travel Brush Set

I was much more pleased with these brushes in general versus the 22-piece set. Although the brushes are much shorter (because they are travel sized) and there are fewer of them, the brushes seem sturdier and of better construction than those of the 22-piece set. I also love the bristles and the actual application of the brushes, I just wish there was more of them! Plus pink is just too cute!

Classic Blender Synthetic

Crease blending Brush (Classic blender Synthetic)

This was the brush I purchased separately in addition to the two sets I bought and I was not so impressed with it. It seemed to mostly just wick away the color versus bleding the shadows smoothly into the crease 😦 but for the price i’m not complaining and wasn’t expecting too much from it.

Now on to the brushes my sister bought…

12 Piece Brush Set

12-piece set

I love these brushes! At first glance you notice some cosmetic differences. Unlike the 22-piece set, where the brushes are all black, these brushes look more like classic makeup brushes. Black handle, silver ferrule and black/dark bristles. The next thing I noticed is that unlike the 22-piece set in which the brushes seem light and almost flimsy these are much sturdier, a little heavier but not overly so. It makes them seem like higher quality brushes. They also apply make up very well.

All in all if I had to do it again I would definitely purchase these brushes again. If you are looking to get a lot of brushes and really increase you collection and don’t mind lighter brushes I would say go for the 22-piece brush set and be done with it. As for myself I would recommend buying the 12-piece brush set and then just supplimenting that by purchasing individual brushes as needed (or wanted). I love the fan brush that comes with the 22-piece set so if I would have known what I know now, I would have bought the 12-piece set and then just bought the fan brush separately. And maybe an extra face or eyeshadow brush too 🙂

Have any of you bought these brushes? What did you think? I hope this was helpful! Until next time!

Much Love-