Woohoo 50 Followers! *CLOSED*

I love make up so really its hard to say there is one product that I love more than another! But for sure one thing that makes me feel like a million bucks is foundation. I feel fresh and refreshed after I put it on. Plus it makes me look less tired after spending the whole night awake with a crying, teething baby!

The Makeup Nerd

I just checked my stats and I have officially reached 50 followers! I’m so grateful for everyone who reads my blog and to show my appreciation my first giveaway can now begin!

This giveaway is a buttload of e.l.f. products AND a brand spankin’ new 15g bottle of Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ B.B. Cream!



Rules For My Giveaway:
(No worries they’re very simple!)

All you gotta do is reblog this post and answer the following question…

What beauty/makeup product makes you feel like a million bucks, and why?

I will announce the winner here on April 17th at midnight (12:00 A.M. EST)!

Good luck my fellow makeup nerds 🙂


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