Here we go!

I Hope everyone had a safe and fun St. Patricks Day over the weekend. Mine was spent encouraging my little man to crawl towards me, “come get the mommy!” and playing with my makeup; face charts, makeovers and my 22 month old niece trying to makeup on me! Too cute!

Now to the title of this post, “Here we go!” Today I started an all women’s bootcamp. Bright and early at 6am! I have not been up that early to work out since I was in high school and that was because we had dance team practice at 5:30. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. Especially since I don’t get much sleep because my little man keeps me up. But I did it. I was even early and let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. I was nervous because I havent really worked out since before my son was born and when I finally decide to do so, it’s in front of 30 other women! I had no reason to have such reservations though, the workout was hard but the instructors and women in the class were all very nice and encouraging! I can’t wait for tomorrow and work up a sweat! It was such a great start to my day I can’t remember when I have had so much energy.

So here I go! Working out and feeling great!


Until later,