Today I thought I’d post something about inspiration and what inspires me. Truely I find inspiration in most things around me. From the funny unicorn shaped cloud in the sky to the person walking down the street with their head held high. Another reason I started thinking about inspiration was because I have seen quite a few articles about motivation, changes for the new year, and self improvement. I began thinking, even without consciuosly recognizing it, that is exactly what I have been doing. New Year’s came and went and I never said to myself, “Okay, this year i’m going to…” actually it was more like, “aww, look at my little man, it’s his first New Year’s.” I’m sure every new mom would say that once you have a child, especially your first, you whole world changes and everything revolves around your new bundle of joy. It’s certainly true for me.

My baby boy is six, almost seven months old now and I thought it was time to get serious about losing the “baby weight” so i’ve begun a new diet, which definitely has its ups and down, started making little changes everywhere, not just with myself but in my home. Who new that this girl would want to be more of a “Susy Homemaker” type. Certainly not me! But I have to tell you its definitely harder than it looks! So in a sense, I really have been working on me, the new me, my new family and new adventures. I love being a mommy and I can’t imagine my life with out my little bundle of drooling, babeling, laughing, smiling, diaper dirtying, hair pulling, joy.

Some of my current inspirations:

Baby Christian (of course!)

My husband (a great cook, which helps a lot!)

Music (a staple)

New clothes (this mommy definitely wants to fit into her skinny jeans!)

Shoes (LOVE!)

Makeup (the fun stuff)

Friends (the ones you can depend on, Friends!)

And there are so many more, these are just what comes to mind.

Much love,