Shady Shack Photoshoot


I recently had the chance to work with photographer Petr Suchomel on one of his on-going projects called the Shady Shack. Each shoot has a different theme and the theme for this one was black. Here is some of the makeup I did for the shoot.

1507396_383492455122237_5271932522145963549_o 10001005_382566461881503_2579076986965977477_o


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Happy Earth Day! Green Beauty Tips



Hello my beauties! Happy Earth Day! Question: What are some ways you try to be more green in your beauty routine? Here are my top 5 ways!

1. Re-purpose.

I am always looking for ways to reorganize both my professional makeup kit as well as my personal makeup collection. For example when I was finished breastfeeding and started to put my son on formula I saved the cans once they were empty and then used Duck Tape to decorate the outsides and now they are on my vanity holding all of my makeup pencils (i.e. lipliners, eyeliners, etc.)

2. Recycle.

When I decided to switch to my newly decorated formula cans, the plastic pencil cups that I had used previously no longer had a use so I recycled them!

3. Share the wealth.

Now I don’t mean go out and buy a whole bunch of products and pass them out, but if you have makeup that is jut sitting in a drawer that you know you’re never going to use why not think about donating it? There have been a couple of times when I have looked into my collection and thought I am never going to use this many makeup bags (you know the ones that some brands give out as a free gift with purchase) and or the samples that came with them, so instead of letting the bags sit there and the makeup expire I have taken them to women’s organizations and donated them to women who will actually use them. I have also donated my time and actually shown them how to use it as well.

4. Be Mindful.

Check the labels of the products you are using and find out the companies practices when it comes to manufacturing their product and packaging. Pick one you feel more comfortable supporting.

5. Go DIY.

This one can be quite fun! There are a myriad of different DIY recipes floating around the net so instead of running to the store to buy a product you need try the DIY version usuing products you have  home!



Creative Photoshoot



I’ve been a busy bee lately! And it’s so gratifying to see my work come to life! I am waiting on so many images from photoshoots I’ve done this year and I just can’t wait to share them with you all! Meet the lovely Kiki Boudoir, my model for this shoot. She was such a good sport, sitting patiently as I applied all of the gold leaf, which of course took forever! And a huge thank you to Alex and Wendy of AW Photography for capturing these images. I can’t wait to see more!

gold leaf Gold Leaf Gold Leaf

Bash It or Buy it: DERMAdoctor KP duty Body Scrub


I love a good body scrub and baby this is one of them! This body scrub provides both  chemical and physical medi-exfoliation. I suffer from KP (keratosis pilaris) or as some may call it, chicken skin. I get it pretty bad on both my arms and thighs (it’s even worse on my thighs). This is the only body scrub I have tried that has helped to minimize these bumps. Although it is not the most moisturizing, it is very smoothing and soothing to the skin. It is especially effective now that we are coming out of the colder weather when KP and dry skin tend to worsen. It’s time to start showing a little more skin and this stuff will have your skin looking it’s best. I also like to use it before I fake tan because it smooths the skin and prevents the tanner from adhering to any dry patches. It has definitely reduced the amount of KP bumps I have, although they are not gone completely, they are greatly improved.

As you’ve probably guessed, this is definitely a ‘Buy It’ product for me. I will continue to use it and repurchase in the future.

MCDM Photoshoot

Makeup by yours truly! Photographer: JRamos Photography Model: Miss Cinco De Mayo Reno candidate- Monique Manzo


You can vote her by going to the Miss Cinco de Mayo Reno Facebook page and ‘liking’ all of her photos! 1491253_768490646509310_3577751078658210197_o 1909328_768490626509312_1669690306504655958_o

Bash It or Buy It: Maybelline Line Stiletto



So in my search for my ‘holy grail’ everyday eyeliner I have purchased quite a few lately and  I am in the process of slowly testing them out. Compared to the other Maybelline eyeliner (Master Precise) that I reviewed previously it has more staying power in my opinion. It is very dark and has a  flexible felt tip unlike most pen liners which had a stiff felt tip. I prefer a flexible felt tip liner myself because it acts more like a brush and curves to the shape of the eye making application easier.

It is darker than the other Maybelline liner I tried and is much more smudge resistant. However if you do happen to have oily eyelids or rub your eyes too much you will most likely have quite a mess on your hands.

So what’s the verdict? I say ‘Buy It’ although it is not yet my holy grail eyeliner that I am looking for it is great for everyday, easy to use and very black.

Miss Cinco de Mayo Reno Candidate Photoshoot

I have had the privilege of doing makeup on this lovely lady. Her name is Monique Manzo and she is running for Miss Cinco de Mayo Reno 2014. Here are some of the images from the photoshoot. You can also head over to the Miss Cinco de Mayo Reno Facebook page and like all of her pictures to vote for her! She definitely has mine!

11886_708609322494836_1880449918_n 1014348_708608805828221_1231502296_n 1982330_708610135828088_584551900_n 10006510_708609855828116_1369406989_n 10006607_708608539161581_1623001643_n 10151896_708590929163342_1543510157_n 10153306_708608575828244_1567641373_n 10153742_708610415828060_2087568026_n

Bash It or Buy It: Wet N Wild- The Naked Truth



I saw this little guy at CVS the other day just sitting on the shelf all by its lonesome and I decided to take him home with me. I had seen this 5 pan palette before but since I purchased the brightly colored trios a while back I haven’t purchased any more because I was so disappointed in them. Unlike the staple 8 pan palettes a lot of the newer releases from Wet N Wild have been sub-par. Since it was the last one on the shelf and Wet N Wild products are known for their price point I decided it couldn’t hurt to try it.


20140408-155142.jpgIn both photos the shadows are swatched in natural light and without primer.

It may be a little difficult to tell from the photos but all of the shades are quite powdery. The lighter shades are more powdery than the two darker shades. As with many eyeshadows the darker shades tend to be a little smother. The coppery toned shadow on the bottom of the palette, labeled as the crease color has quite a bit of glitter and produced a fair amount of fallout, more so than the other shades in the palette. My favorite shade out of the entire palette would probably be the color in the center of the swatches, labeled as the eyelid shade. It had the smoothest texture and although not quite as pigmented as I would like, it is a nice taupe color and when applied with a base looks quite nice on the eye.

As with most of the Wet N Wild palettes I personally wouldn’t apply the colors to the recommended areas as marked by the impressions on the shadow, but that is just me.

Overall this is a ‘Bash It’ product for me. It’s not absolutely terrible but it requires more work than I am willing to put into a makeup look when I am going for an everyday look. It’s powdery, the color pay off is just so-so and some of the shades just have too much fallout.

Have you purchased this product? What did you think of it?

Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner



I picked this up a couple weeks ago when Maybelline was on sale at Ulta, along with a couple other eyeliners. I am always looking for a new eyeliner. I have so many but none are really my ‘holy grail’. Sadly, this one did not make the cut for me.




Here is the eyeliner swatched on the back of my hand in natural light. What I like about the product is that it is a felt tip pen liner. This makes it very easy to use and felt tip liners in general make it much easier to do the ever so popular winged eyeliner look. And the pros pretty much stop there.

20140407-153230.jpgIn this picture I simply waited until the product was dry and with one light swipe of my finger you can see it smudged all over the back of my hand. Although from what I can see this product does not claim to be waterproof, which is fine, it moves more than a lot of liners that I have tried. Like I said previously the felt tip makes it easy to achieve a winged eyeliner look but after a couple hours on me the wing has half way faded and the liner I applied along my lash line to the inner corners of my eye have smeared and I looked like I had a black eye. My eye lids typically aren’t super oily so I can’t imagine the mess it would make on my lids if they were!

Overall this product is definitely a ‘Bash It’ product and I will not be purchasing it again.